Order your Visa card without a bank

For you and even for your children*

It's easy!
A simple form to complete is enough to open an account

Fast and commitment free

A simple mobile number is enough to open an Anytime account within a few minutes. Once the registration form is filled out (name of the account holder, email address, mobile number and postal address, you can finalise your account registration without any tedious procedures, and credit it immediately with the sum of your choice with your Visa credit or MasterCard bank card, or via bank transfer (free).
The Anytime account does not require any formalities for up to €2500. Supporting documents are only required above this amount.

Fund your Anytime Account free of charge via bank transfer.

Via bank transfer or with a Visa or MASTERCARD® bank card

Every month, or every now and then, deposit funds on your Anytime account via a (free) bank transfer or with your Visa or MasterCard bank card (a 3.8% fee applies but the funds are available within 2 minutes)

Follow your spending in real time.

Via SMS, email, or via iPhone and Android notifications

After each purchase or withdrawal in a distributor, receive the details of the transaction via SMS, email, or via iPhone or Android notifications. You are informed of the name of the merchant, the location of purchase and the balance available on your account. It is like a digital receipt and you do not need to keep your receipts to do your sums.

You know how much you can still spend on your card.

in real time

You know exactly how much you can spend today. Fund the Anytime account with the budget you authorise yourself to spend to pay all the expenses which are not debited from your account. The balance indicated represents the amount you still have to spend. No need to keep your accounts to know how much you can still spend...we do the sums automatically for you.

With Visa
Trust, security and reliability

Anytime is subject to very strict rules implemented by VISA and the Anytime VISA card-issuing bank.

Security is paramount.

Block, unblock, 24/7

You may block or unblock your card at any time. If you think you may have lost it or if your card was stolen, just click on your card's loss/theft button and receive a new card at your home.

Services for individuals and professionals.

powerful applications available for mobile devices, PC and MAC

Anytime is not just a card, but also services to make our users' lives easier.

Your children learn to manage their pocket money.

The ideal family solution

It is the ideal solution for families. It is a fantastic tool to teach your children how to manage their pocket money, and which does not require commitment. Young people may not spend more than what is deposited on their card account. Parents control their children's spending in real time and can teach them good habits.

Manage and categorize your expenses

Block, unblock, 24/7

Most employees waste time by having to manually data enter their expenses, print documents and staple receipts.

With Anytime, the employee pays for his business expenses and takes a picture of the receipt with his mobile phone. Few seconds after making his purchase, Anytime sends an email with the transaction details (amount spent, name of the store, location...). The employee responds to the email and adds the photo as an attachment. Operators then input the VAT amount. At the end of each month, Anytime sends both the accountant and the employee a statement of all transactions with the supporting documents and the associated VAT. Everything is automatic, and employees do not waste time anymore.

Send pocket money instantly.


Fund your account and transfer money by indicating the Anytime card number or the telephone number of the recipient.

Create a kitty and collect funds immediately available on the card.

Via bank transfer or with your bank card

Collect funds for a birthday, a joint gift, a leaving do, stag do… Friends, close ones or colleagues can add to a collective fund set up for a special occasion. They can deposit money via a simple bank transfer or with their bank card and add a personal message.
Click here to view an example

Sell on the internet and funds are immediately credited to the card.

Invoice your clients via bank transfer or with your bank card

Example :

Anytime offers a solution to sell your services or your items on the internet. Give your clients a payment link which directs them to the following page.
They can pay you with a simple bank transfer (free) or with their bank card (3.8% fee) and add a personal message.
Click here to view an example

Always here for you

A dedicated team

The Anytime advisors are available to answer all your questions via Chat, email and telephone from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, from Monday to Friday!
+33 9 70 17 00 57

Order your Visa card

No minimum wages required. No minimum deposit
No commitments
A Visa card for you and even for your children*, with no risk of overdrafts.
Call center available on +33 9 701 700 57 or by email and chat click here


*Subject to parental / guardian approval R. Raphael & Sons plc is a UK Bank authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated but the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 161302. Head office and registered office at 19-21 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7ED, company registration number 01288938. The Anytime card is issued by R. Raphael @ Sons plc, pursuant to licence from Visa Europe.