Expense Claims

 The vast majority of employees continue to deal manually with their expenses claims. Employees pay with their personal card, and then data input their expenses in an Excel sheet, print the file and staple the supporting documents.
 The Anytime solution makes you gain time and you do not need to data input your expenses claims.
 You pay with the Anytime card, the transactions are recorded in real time. You receive an email with the details of the transaction.
 You respond to this email with a comment and add the photo of the receipt as an attachment.
 Anytime operators open the receipts and input the VAT amounts
 At the end of the month, you receives a complete statement with the details of the transactions, the amounts without tax, the associated VAT, the comments justifying the expense claims and all the electronic receipts
 the data is secured in a numeric safe.
 The funds available on the card are the funds which must belong to the card holder. A corporate may not use this card by depositing funds belonging to the company. It is not a corporate card. Contact us if you require a corporate card.

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*Subject to parental / guardian approval R. Raphael & Sons plc is a UK Bank authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated but the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 161302. Head office and registered office at 19-21 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7ED, company registration number 01288938. The Anytime card is issued by R. Raphael @ Sons plc, pursuant to licence from Visa Europe.