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Visa Card
Card delivery free
To Withdraw money and deposit more than €2500 we will have to proceed to your KYC. This service is charged €5 one off 5,00 €

A deposit on your card account
Via bank transfer FOR INDIVIDUALS free
Via bank transfer FOR BUSINESSES free
Via credit or debit card, VIA PAYPAL 3,80 %

On internet sites (in Euros) free
In sales outlets (in Euros) free

Withdrawal from a cash dispenser
In the Eurozone FOR MINORS free

Sending money
Transferring money to another Anytime card €0.20 /transfer

Managment fees

Yearly fees (€3.00 * 12)

25% off until end of 06/2016

Pay €5 and get your named Anytime VISA card delivered at home (2 year validity) and have access to our service during 2 months. Beyond the 2 month period from the activation date fees of €22 /year (or €3 /month) will be applied.
Early termination fee free
Fee if reimbursement less than 12 months from the expiry date of the agreement free
Get your PIN Code free

  Fees you can avoid paying

Visa Card
Receiving a new card following loss/theft 14,90 €

Payment abroad, outside of the Euro zone
Currency exchange fees applicable on all operations - (withdrawals and payments ) - made in another currency than the Euro 2,50 %

Managment fees
Late reimbursement fee (12 months after the expiry date or the termination date of the agreement) 15,00 €
Administration fees after the expiration or early termination of the contract and if the account is in positive balance 3,00 €/mois
Transactions refused due to insufficient balance 0,50 €

Order your Visa card

No minimum wages required. No minimum deposit
No commitments
A Visa card for you and even for your children*, with no risk of overdrafts.
Call center available on +33 9 701 700 57 or by email and chat click here


*Subject to parental / guardian approval R. Raphael & Sons plc is a UK Bank authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated but the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 161302. Head office and registered office at 19-21 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7ED, company registration number 01288938. The Anytime card is issued by R. Raphael @ Sons plc, pursuant to licence from Visa Europe.