The virtual MasterCard card for single or recurring use

The solution for organising distance or online spending


A virtual MasterCard works in the same way as a classic Mastercard. This e-card allows you to pay on the internet or remotely.

Virtual card for single use

The card is only valid for one transaction. It is for single use

Virtual card for recurring use

The card has a limit and allows you to manage your subscriptions or recurring transactions (Amazon, Nespresso, Fnac, Office Depot etc.)

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Retrieve the details of your Mastercard card by SMS

  • Set the maximum limit of the card
  • Enter the period of validity of the card (single-use or annual)
  • The virtual card is sent by email or is available in your customer area

Company expenses in real time

Limits set by employee

  • Set the budget per employee
  • View transactions by card, employee or department

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When can you use your virtual Mastercard cards?

  • To pay for purchases on the internet
  • To pay business expenses for the company
  • To pay for bookings of hotels, air tickets…
  • To pay suppliers who accept the bank card

Compatible with all banks!

To issue a virtual Mastercard, you just need to make a transfer on your Anytime account

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Security standards are among the highest on the market.

Fraud protection

The card can be blocked or unblocked at any time; seeing transactions in real time allows you to react quickly if there is any fraud.

Encrypted data

We follow the same security standards as banks so we can protect your data and cards (PCI DSS compliance, SSL encryption, VPN firewall)

Your protected funds

The money you entrust to us is placed in a holding account in accordance with European regulations.

The RESTFul API allows integration with your business software

  • On-the-go generation
    The BaaS Anytime platform allows you to generate virtual cards on the go.
  • Reconciliation
    Retrieve the list of transactions in real time
  • check the connection of the API
  • account creation
  • card creation
  • obtaining a PIN code
  • card credit
  • list of transactions
  • AML/KYC compliance

You can check that the connection to the API is working properly.

curl "" \
-X GET \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'

You can create business or consumer accounts that can be linked to several cards.

curl "" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'acc_type=consumer | business' \
-d 'acc_currency=EUR | USD' \
-d 'user_gender=string' \
-d 'user_first_name=string' \
-d 'user_last_name=string' \
-d 'user_dob=string' \
-d 'user_pob=string' \
-d 'user_email=string' \
-d 'user_mobile_number=string' \
-d 'user_addr_line_1=string' \
-d 'user_addr_line_2=string' \
-d 'user_addr_zip=string' \
-d 'user_addr_city=string' \
-d 'user_addr_cc=string' \
-d 'user_nationality=string' \
-d 'corp_name=string' \
-d 'corp_regnum=string' \
-d 'corp_type=string' \
-d 'corp_activity=string' \
-d 'corp_tva=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_line_1=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_line_2=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_zip=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_city=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_cc=string'

You can order an Anytime MasterCard® card, a virtual card, a contactless MasterCard® chip, etc.

curl "" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'acc_id=integer' \
-d 'card_name=string' \
-d 'expiry_date=string' \
-d 'language=string' \
-d 'delivery_company_name=string' \
-d 'delivery_gender=string' \
-d 'delivery_first_name=string' \
-d 'delivery_last_name=string' \
-d 'delivery_addr_1=string' \
-d 'delivery_addr_2=string' \
-d 'delivery_zip=string' \
-d 'delivery_city=string' \
-d 'delivery_country_code=string'

The PIN code is delivered via a secure link intended only for the card holder.

curl "{card_ref}/pin" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'

You can instantly transfer funds from the master account towards a card.

curl "{card_ref}/credit" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'amount=number' \
-d 'acc_comment=string' \
-d 'card_comment=string'

You can access the transactions of an account or a card.

curl -G "{id}/statements" \
-X GET \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'date_start=string' \
-d 'date_end=string'

As a Fintech, we supply much more than banking services. We offer value-added services allowing your business to develop rapidly. Should your business require a customer to be identified (KYC/AML-compliant), we offer various identification solutions, including ID capture and verification through sanction lists (OFAC, PEP, Interpol etc.)

curl "{id}/kyc" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'user_selfie=file' \
-d 'user_identity=file' \
-d 'user_identity_back=file' \
-d 'user_dom_1=file' \
-d 'user_identity_host=file' \
-d 'user_identity_back_host=file' \
-d 'user_dom_host=file' \
-d 'user_affidavit=file' \
-d 'corp_status=file' \
-d 'corp_kbis=file'
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How do you subscribe to our offer?

Create your account

We need your identification. We will use your Smartphone camera to take a copy

Fund your account

Upon opening your account, your bank details and IBAN will be assigned. All you have to do is make a transfer to fund your account

Create your virtual cards

Set the limit and validity period

Share your virtual cards

Send the card details to the person who's using it.

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