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Business online banking account for small businesses

  • Powerful and simple. We give business owners their time back
  • 10 Mastercards plastic and virtual
  • Expenses management
  • An ultra-reactive telephone advisor

Are you a business owner? We aim to save you time!

Anytime is the only neobank offering a fully developed business account where you can be paid by: bank transfer, cheque or card. You know who has paid you and how much is in your account in real time, and you collect all the evidence so you can effectively manage your accounts paper-free. This business account has been designed for teams of 2 to 10 people and a special advisor will assist you to make your life easier.

Up to 10 Mastercards to manage your business expenses

Anytime provides several Mastercards to manage your business costs and expenses

  • Per card and per employee budget management
  • Cards allocated by suppliers (Slake, Adwords, Facebook, Stripe, WeWork, Uber...)
  • Real time alerts
  • Blocking and unblocking
  • PIN supplied

Zero paper. Account opening and management.

Your account is opened online in 5 minutes. You must supply:

  • ID or residence card + proof of address in Europe
  • Your company's registered business name
  • Shareholders' ID
  • To get a French IBAN you must have an open European bank account in your name. Otherwise you will receive a British IBAN.

Make national and international payments

With Anytime you can make payments in over 30 currencies

Manage your business expenses easily

After each transaction you will receive an email or notification in real time. Reply to the email and attach evidence (an invoice) or connect to the Anytime app.

Edit your invoices and quotes easily

Anytime suggests you use one of the free solutions to manage your invoices and quotes. Take a look at the list of recommended partners.

Track your payments in real time

You are notified by email, SMS or notifications if you receive a payment. You know who has paid you and how much.

Dedicated advisors to assist you and understand your needs

We think that 100% digital is awesome, however there is always an advisor available to assist you and understand your needs

Take card payments from your clients with a Point of Sale Terminal

  • mPOS Terminal provided by SumUp and Simle&Pay
  • SumUp Terminal price: €19 (instead of €39)
  • Commission: 1.5% instead of 1.75%

Accept cheques. It isn't the future but it is possible.

Anytime can bank cheques from time to time as we want to help you out. However it's worth prioritising card payments and getting the funds into your account immediately.

Accounting will no longer be a chore

  • Configure your accountancy plan
  • Easily export all your transactions
  • Use one of our partners' software to pull-up all your accountancy transactions in real time

Sign up and get your neo-bank account in 10 minutes

Open your account, simple, paperless, from your phone or your computer. Anytime is the ideal, alternative or complementary account of your bank.