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Personal, family, joint, Self-employed people, independent, liberal profession, SASU, EURL, SARL, SCI, SAS, SA.
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Personal Mastercard® card
Professional Mastercard® card
Virtual Mastercard® card for the professionals
Transfers and withdrawals
Company Setup (Legal documents, deposit of capital, registration…)
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International transfer
Web cashing and by SMS
Customer Service by Email
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Mobile card reader

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Key ring Mastercard® contact less

€20 to pay one off

Payment in Euro: free
Topup by card or by bank transfer: free
Monthly subscription: €2.5 / month

Bracelet Mastercard® contact less

€20 to pay one off

Payment in Euro: free
Topup by card or by bank transfer: free
Monthly subscription: 2.5 € / month

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a bank how can Anytime help me?

Anytime can be your main account or your secondary account. Anytime is an alternative solution to your bank that allows you to pay and get paid. You manage your account, your card and all the options directly from your smartphone or a computer in real time. You no longer need to call or make an appointment with an advisor if you want to register a new beneficiary to make a transfer for instance. Unlike a bank, it is without obligation, without minimum deposit, without hidden fees.

When will I receive my Mastercard?

Your card will be produced in France as soon as you have completed your registration and made a first transfer. It takes 2 to 3 working days to receive it. Rest assured, you will be able to follow the shipment of your card thanks to a post-tracking code.

Is Anytime a bank ?

No, Anytime is not a bank. We are an intermediary registered with the ACPR and the FSA. Anytime provides you with a current account, an IBAN that allows you to make transfers, to send transfers in France or abroad, to record withdrawals. The Anytime Mastercard® allows you to pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world. The difference with a bank is that Anytime does not make any credit. You can only spend what has been deposited into your account.

Is anytime free ? Is money safe ?

The money you give us is placed on a cantonment account in accordance with European regulations. No interest is perceived. The special feature of this account is that the deposited funds are blocked, that they do not work and that they do not belong to Anytime. Your data is encrypted. We follow the same security standards as banks to protect your data and cards (PCI DSS compliance, SSL encryption, VPN firewall ...)