Online payments on your website in only 1 minute

Extreme simplicity. Solutions designed for the online payment needs of entrepreneurs and SME

Easy integration

No distance-selling contract needed. Copy and paste a small piece of code to display a payment button

Payment by email

Create payment links that you can send via SMS or email

Payment button

Create payment buttons to include on your website

Fraud protection

We run a Smart 3Dsecure check on transactions

Open an account

Accept payments on your website without installing any code.

It’s really simple.

Send a payment link via SMS or email

Send payment requests to your customers via email and SMS. They can pay you using their phones or tablets, simply by entering their card numbers on a secure webpage (from a mobile phone or a computer)

Request sent by Laurence
Request received by Peter
Peter enters his bank card details

Open an account

Anytime is far more than just a payment button

  • We do not just offer a simple payment button, but an account that allows you to manage the money that you collect
  • Use your Anytime MasterCard or make payments by bank transfer

Open an account in 5 minutes, 100% digital


Fill in your first name, surname and mobile number

Identity card

Use your Smartphone to take a photo of your ID.

Bank details for your account

Get the bank details for your private or corporate account and receive your card

Payment button

Create your payment buttons and your payment links

Open your Anytime account

Open an account