Our story


A new economy, in which we will all be entrepreneurs, individuals, freelancers, and professionals… This is the direction the world is taking. And anytime fits perfectly into this new environment.

anytime is the alternative account to your bank. As the way in which we work transforms, it supports society by simplifying the financial tools needed in the daily lives of these millions of people called entrepreneurs. Active women and men with multiple and busy lives, connected individuals with a taste for what’s novel, a desire to move forward, and above all, freedom. By observing their daily lives, we created an account designed for their needs. With anytime, entrepreneurs have a solid account, which relies on secure banking infrastructure and is trustworthy.

Much more than just an account with bank details and Mastercard cards, anytime aggregates a complete range of self-service financial tools to make international transfers, manage finances, receive payment from customers, send payment requests, recover cash, obtain credit, pay overheads, automate the accounting… Everything is in real time and everything is clear and transparent. It is direct and faster. And of course, it is also international. With anytime you can send or receive money anywhere in the world. This is essential in a world where work and projects know no boundaries.

anytime goes further. Because the entrepreneurs of today and those of the future want to configure their own banking service platform by imagining other, more specific dedicated ones, anytime makes its APIs freely available and a complete offer from Fintechs partners that is always broader and more innovative (account creation, generation of IBAN, card issuance, encashment, currencies, PFM, etc.) Today, with anytime, you can enjoy a new form of banking relationship… your own… designed with you, by you, for you.

Whether it’s about providing a digital account for children, or easily dealing with a customer on the other side of the world, entrepreneurs have time for everything else, for what matters, to move forward smoothly. No big speeches on money, retirement, the stock exchange and credits… just the present moment. The life of an entrepreneur should be easy, made up of large and small projects that make progress. anytime is strongly on the side of those who are moving forward, by committing to them and providing them with reliable tools. For a simple, and fluid life anytime, is the new account for entrepreneurs.