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The current account for
liberal profession, self-employed or freelance

  • Mastercards
  • FR(€) or GB(€) IBAN
  • 1 business account
  • 1 personal account
  • Expense management

Are you self-employed, freelancer, or liberal professional? Two accounts to make your life easier

Anytime gives you a clear view of what you can spend. A professional account for your freelancer / liberal professional status allowing you to be paid and to pay your expenses (contributions, RSI, VAT, taxes...).
Thanks to your personal account you can isolate your personal expenses and know in real time your available balance.

Since 2014, it is mandatory for an auto entrepreneur to open a dedicated account for its activity. Popular with auto entrepreneurs, Anytime is the ingenious solution to support you every day

3 Mastercard cards
to manage both your business and personal spendings

Anytime provides 3 Mastercards to manage your personal spending and business expenses

  • Blocking and unblocking
  • PIN in real time
  • Budget management by card to avoid overdraft

Open your account in 10 minutes

Zero paper : the account is opened online. You must provide:

  • ID or residence permit + proof of address in Europe
  • To get a French IBAN you must have an account open in your name in a European bank. Otherwise you will get a British EURO IBAN

Once your registration, your IBAN will be available in you customer area. Your account will be activated within 24h to 48h depending on the quality of the docs you have provided. 1 week later you will receive your Mastercard.

Your transactions in real time. Receive transfers and set up direct debits.

Whether you want your salary paid into your account, to be paid by clients and receive payments from the French authorities, Anytime makes receiving your payments and paying your invoices or taxes easy.

A sleek and modern banking account

With a business account, cash your clients by card thanks to a payment terminal

  • SumUp Terminal price: €19 (instead of €39)
  • Commission : 1,50% instead of 1,75%
  • Smile&Pay Terminal mPOS with printer integrated
  • Signing up takes 5 minutes

Getting paid remotely by card has never been so easy

  • Enter the amount to be paid
  • Add the email address and mobile number of the person paying
  • Anytime will send your client an invitation to pay
  • Your client clicks on the link they receive and enters their card details
  • The funds are received in real time

Accept cheques, it isn't the future but it is possible  3!

Anytime can bank cheques from time to time as we want to help you out. However it's worth prioritising card payments and getting the funds into your account immediately.

Edit invoices, reconcile your payments, manage your cash flow and manage your accounts became a piece of cake

  • Easily create invoices and quotes
  • Dashboard of your activity (turnover, incoming and outgoing payments...)
  • Invoices paid or pending payment
  • Supporting documents associated with each expense
  • Full export to your accountant
  • VAT calculation
  • Cash flow follow-up
  • Use the accounting experts provided by our partners

Become a French micro-entrepreneur in 10 minutes

To register as a micro entrepreneur, Pour s'enregistrer comme micro entrepreneur, you just have to go to the URSSAF website. To learn more about opening a self-managed or micro-managed account, consult our practical sheet and follow the guide

Keep calm, your money is protected

Funds collected are protected in an account hosted by a main bank. The funds are secure with the banks. Funds entrusted to Anytime come under article L. 522-17 of the Monetary and Financial Code which defines precise rules for payment establishments and article L. 526-32 of the CMF for electronic money establishments.

Read the Factsheets and Tips for more information about self-employed/freelancers and save yourself time.


Sign up and get your business account in 10 minutes

Open your account, simple, paperless, from your phone or your computer. Anytime is the ideal, alternative or complementary account of your bank.