I manage employees, not expense claims

Anytime helps you manage your company's business expenses and bank card payments

MasterCard® cards for your employees

You can pay anywhere in the world where MasterCard® is accepted

  • Plastic card for in-store purchases
  • Virtual card for single use
  • Virtual card with a spending limit to manage your recurring expenditure (subscriptions, Amazon, Office depot, Nespresso etc.)
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Put an end to rushing to find receipts,
sharing company bank cards,
and expense claims raised by your employees.

Accept or decline employee payment requests

Airfare, an overnight stay in an hotel, tickets to a show… Accept or decline employee requests via SMS or from your customer area

  • Employee identification
  • Amount of expenditure
  • Justification for the expenditure

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Control company expenses

Control spending in real time

  • Spending is fed through in real time. Know who is spending what
  • For each transaction, find the supporting documentation for the costs incurred
  • Anytime enters the VAT amounts to facilitate your accounting

Set limits or budgets per employee

  • You set a limit per card that cannot be exceeded
  • When the limit has been reached, the card is blocked.
  • You can increase the limit of the card whenever you want.
  • You can block or cancel a card whenever you want.

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Automate the processing of company expenses

  • Each payment must correspond to an invoice
  • The VAT amounts are entered by the teams at Anytime
  • All expenses are associated with merchant categories
  • Expenses can be associated with your chart of accounts
  • Automatic integration into your accounting software or export with one click

Optimise checks on your spending

  • Online purchases

    Employees use a single-use virtual card (fixed limit)

  • When travelling

    Employees use a plastic Anytime MasterCard® card (fixed limit) to pay their business expenses

  • Automatic expense reports

    Transaction feed into the customer area in real time. Employees take a photo of the invoice or send it by email

  • Real-time reporting

    Transaction feed in real time. You know who is spending what and when

  • Validate/reject

    Receive payment requests from employees. Know who wants to spend what. Accept or decline the requests via SMS or from your Anytime dashboard

  • Intelligent reconciliation

    All transactions are reconciled: per employee, per category, VAT amount… No need to complete a spreadsheet

  • Accounting integration

    Transactions can be integrated in real time in our partner accounting software or an export is enough to repatriate your data

  • Digital archiving

    Business expense receipts are stored on a secure server. Search by keyword, employee or transaction to quickly find the supporting documentation

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Security standards are among the highest on the market.

Fraud protection

The card can be blocked or unblocked at any time; seeing transactions in real time allows you to react quickly if there is any fraud.

Encrypted data

We follow the same security standards as banks so we can protect your data and cards (PCI DSS compliance, SSL encryption, VPN firewall)

Your protected funds

The money you entrust to us is placed in a holding account in accordance with European regulations.

How do you subscribe to our offer?

Create your account

We need your identification. We will use your Smartphone camera to take a copy

Fund your account

We link an IBAN to your Anytime account. All you have to do is make a transfer to fund your account

Your MasterCard cards

Link cards with your employees. Set the limit and validity period of virtual or plastic cards

Manage your expenses

From your Anytime dashboard, monitor and control your spending

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