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Current online account for medium to large businesses: manage finances and team expenses

  • 11000+ Mastercard Business cards
  • 2
  • 3Expenses management
  • 4
  • 5General costs management
  • 6
  • 7Keep the control on the expenses
  • 8
  • 9Automatic bookkeeping integration
  • 0
  • Simplified supplier payment
  • 1000+ IBANs linked to your pro account
  • Tools to invoice your customers


1Manage 2your business costs3 in a simpler and more effective way 4

  • Capped Mastercard

    Allocate a card to each employee and set the amount they are allowed to spend.

  • €O exchange fees

    Spend in over 150 currencies at the Mastercard exchange rate - forget hidden exchange fees!

  • A virtual card for one time use

    EUR, USD of GBP The perfect Mastercard solution for one shoot online purchases.

  • A Virtual card for recurring use

    Switch off your card whenever you want. Perfect for managing online subscriptions and renewing them easily (WeWork, Slack, Hubspot, Zendesk, Customer.io, Intercom, Drift,...).

  • Real time expenses

    Track your staff expenses and ensure that receipts are all entered properly.

  • Paperless evidence

    After each transaction a notification is sent by email. Your staff can respond to the email attaching the receipt.

  • Accounts export

    At the end of the month the accountant can export all the transactions with links to paperless evidence.

  • Expenses and bookkeeping

    Paperless evidence, VAT calculation, unlimited exports and automatic integration with your bookkeeping software.

  • Cash flow management

    Get more cash by redeeming your invoices.

Control your staff budgets by simplifying advances for expenses

Anytime has created a system where you can define a budget for each member of staff. You can increase or decrease the limit at any time.

Re-invoice expense to your clients

Adding evidence in real time means that the process of re-invoicing is easier to manage. Anytime's solution means you can quickly recuperate your staff expenses and re-invoice them to your clients or integrate them more easily into your accounts.

Automated bookkeeping using market software

  • 100% automatic

    Transactions are automatically integrated with several bookkeeping solutions. Anytime is compatible with all bookkeeping tools.

  • VAT and bookkeeping plan

    You define the bookkeeping plan and Anytime adapts to suit your needs.

  • Invoicing and reconciliation

    Receipts are paperless and automatically linked to each transaction.

1Reconcile 2 in real time, 100% of 3received payments 4 on your professional account thanks to 5virtual IBANs 6 linked to your business account. You know who paid you and when

The lettering solution installed by Anytime means you can see which invoices have been paid in real time and know when to send a payment reminder.

  • IBAN linked to each client
  • IBAN linked to an invoice to be paid
  • Real time payment notification
  • Reminder management

Automate your supplier or staff payments

Anytime's solution means you can integrate our payment blocks with your tools. We allow you to make payments to your suppliers or staff and monitor transactions according to your company's needs.

Make payments to other countries in over 30 currencies

  • Reduce your currency exchange fees
  • Actual exchange rate with no added fees expect our commission
  • 100% automatic, no need to speak to an advisor to make your payments

A helping hand to manage your cash flow more effectively

Anytime partners offer factoring solutions.

  • A client needs to pay you. You hand over your invoice
  • Our partner redeems your invoice
  • The invoice amount is credited to your account with a deduction for commission

4 ways to collect client payments

  • Bank transfer

    We provide one or several IBAN so you can invoice your clients.

  • Cheque

    Bank checks, limited to 4 per month (we do it to help you out from time to time).

  • Payment request

    Get paid remotely by card: send a payment request by SMS or email from the Anytime app.

  • Payment button

    Install the Anytime payment button on your website or install our partner, HiPay's script (You can always use Stripe of course, but we can negotiate better tariffs for you).

Find out all the functions of a 100% digital account to help you save time

  • Multi IBAN (FR or GB €)
  • Mastercard plastic or virtual
  • A personal account for the manager without any extra fees. The perfect way to manage repayments from associated accounts and expenses
  • Payments and direct debits
  • Statements, filters and transaction history in PDF format
  • Transaction comments and receipts
  • Manage permissions (accountant, teams, treasurer...)

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