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Do you need more power or flexibility when using our banking block? Here's how our API can help you achieve your goals.

    Backend and frontend API interfaces to manage banking programs

    Companies looking to develop banking programs solely from APIs and so preserve user experience within their portal will find that they have to develop backend blocks to monitor and manager their programs. Anytime has developed its technical architecture to duplicate our system on dedicated DB, hosted on our servers.

    • White marker frontend application
    • CRM Application (KYC management, messages, card settings...) to manage a programme

    Our API REST means we can create and manage Mastercards cards, accounts and IBAN under the banner of your brand.

    Use our API to manage plastic or virtual Mastercard and IBAN accounts under your brand

    Anytime Connect allows companies to integrate Anytime flows and clients into their own system

    Use Anytime connect to import transaction lists from an Anytime account, so your users can execute payment orders from your application…

    Anytime Onboarding allows companies to integrate the Anytime subscription tunnel into their own system.

    Use Anytime Onboarding to give your clients the opportunity to open an Anytime account within your system and check their revenue in real time. For example, imagine a hire care driver signs up to Uber and at the same time automatically creates an Anytime account. No need to fill out the forms twice.

    API case studies and turnkey interfaces

    • Improve compensation in the insurance sector?

      An ensured victim needs to be compensated quickly. The problem is that a transfer takes a few days to arrive (especially over the weekend), it's impersonal, transparent and cheques take too long. Our solution means the victim can be compensated in real time, rebuilding the link with your client and giving them the ability to use the funds immediately with a personalised Mastercard in the insurers colours.

    • Eliminate 100% of your banking reconciliation problems

      Property companies, lenders, marketplaces, insurers, e-sales, freelancer platforms etc. often have reconciliation problems linked to payments received. Anytime's virtual international bank account number solution means you can associate an IBAN with a client or an invoice. At last an effective, dynamic 100% digital lettering system.

    • Redistribute collected funds

      Unlike solutions offered by specialized platforms for marketplaces and crowdfunding, Anytime offers an IBAN solution giving you various cash out options. You simply credit your client's account using a given IBAN linked with their account. The client can use their money via different payment methods (transfer, Mastercard, QR code, P2P etc.). Our solutions allow you to generate additional revenue, save on processing and even help the client when they leave your environment.

    • Transform a transfer into a profitable payment

      Instead of paying your service providers via bank transfer you can pay them by issuing a virtual Mastercard (VCN). They simply need to enter the card details received via email SMS or API to get paid. We share this Mastercard redistribution interchange with you, and your providers are happy because they get paid immediately. Anytime offers an interface or API which can generate VCNs. This system is widely used in the travel industry and online ticketing systems but can be adapted for many professions.

    • Simplify staff or freelancer payments

      A temp agency, a road transport group, a public works company, a food delivery service etc. can all run into difficulty paying their staff or freelances both in France and abroad, outside of the SEPA zone. Anytime has developed a solution to simply manage thousands of payments by uploading a CSV file (or API) and giving staff/freelancers unbanked Anytime accounts. We provide you with a turnkey interface in order to do this.

    • Offer a new payment experience with contactless payments

      Anytime is the first company in France to launch a contactless payment system based on Gemalto minitag technology. Insert your thumb into the device of your choice and pay anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

    • Transport companies, care hire services, taxi groups etc.: settle expenses without your staff having to deal with cash

      Give each driver a Mastercard and use Anytime's interfaces to credit the cards in real time and fix expense limits for each driver. To manage spending, block/unblock cards and receive the details of each transaction in real time.

    • Sporting associations, holiday camps, associations, language-stay organisations: we help you settle expenses without using cash

      In order to avoid using cash, your colleagues receive a Mastercard with a maximum spend total. These immediate debit cards allow you to track spending in real time. The card cannot be overdrawn. This is a real security measure for company accountancy and perfect budget management for each user.

    • Business banks, Fintechs, Insurtech etc. offer your clients more services with a Mastercard

      The strength of the Anytime offer is that it is not solely based on our API but our ability to provide:

      • middle office interfaces to manage the card programme.
      • white label Anytime applications giving end users a hand in the card's management.
      • processes to improve the quality of services offered to your clients


    Developers, use our APIs to embed bank bricks or bind Anytime to your UX