Very small businesses, SMEs and major accounts

The solution for receiving payments in EUR, USD, GBP.
Ability to pay in more than 36 currencies and to handle bulk payments.

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Mass payment

Manage a multitude of payments in Europe and internationally by bank transfer or using a virtual or plastic MasterCard® credit card

Outils financiers

Virtual MasterCard (VCN)

Virtual or plastic cards to manage your business expenses

Outils financiers

Cash management

Discover our solutions to optimise the management of your incoming cash flow

  • Virtual account management
  • Virtual IBAN
  • Cash collection
  • Bank card processing
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With Anytime Mass Payment, companies can
manage a multitude of payments.

Automate thousands of payments

Every month, pay thousands of freelancers, affiliates, rental companies, sellers, buyers, private car hire, sales representatives, designers etc.

Pay by bank transfer

Our solutions allows you to automate the management of your payment orders either from an API or from a home banking interface that we will make available to you

Pay on a MasterCard card

Anytime provides MasterCard® cards to your customers so they can pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world.

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Manage your business expenses more effectively and simply.

For your employees

MasterCard® cards in multiple currencies (EUR, USD, GBP etc.) allow you to save on the exchange rate, and to make payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world

For the Internet

Virtual MasterCard® cards in EUR, USD, GBP, etc. allow you to pay your fees online and reconcile your expenses (hotel, tickets, travel, Fnac, Amazon etc.)


Control your company expenses in real time. Know how the money is spent and by whom.

A controlled budget

Your employees cannot exceed the authorised limit that you set.

Everything is automatic

Each transaction is linked to digitised supporting documentation (invoice etc.), a VAT amount or a comment.

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Put an end to tedious handling of receipts and expense reports

Manage all of your travel expenses and every month receive a full statement showing deductible VAT.

Make transfers to abroad more quickly and with lower costs

Reduce the amount spent on exchange rate fees and lower the risks associated with foreign exchange payments.

Banks can charge you up to 5% in hidden fees when sending money abroad

Banks use their own exchange rate. At Anytime, we use the actual exchange rate

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Easily pay back or reimburse your customers

  • A simple mobile number is all you need.
  • We take care of paying your customers.
  • They receive their money either in their bank account or their Anytime account.

Integrate our API to control your payment orders

  • check the connection of the API
  • account creation
  • card creation
  • obtaining a PIN code
  • card credit
  • list of transactions
  • AML/KYC compliance

You can check that the connection to the API is working properly.

curl "" \
-X GET \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'

You can create business or consumer accounts that can be linked to several cards.

curl "" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'acc_type=consumer | business' \
-d 'acc_currency=EUR | USD' \
-d 'user_gender=string' \
-d 'user_first_name=string' \
-d 'user_last_name=string' \
-d 'user_dob=string' \
-d 'user_pob=string' \
-d 'user_email=string' \
-d 'user_mobile_number=string' \
-d 'user_addr_line_1=string' \
-d 'user_addr_line_2=string' \
-d 'user_addr_zip=string' \
-d 'user_addr_city=string' \
-d 'user_addr_cc=string' \
-d 'user_nationality=string' \
-d 'corp_name=string' \
-d 'corp_regnum=string' \
-d 'corp_type=string' \
-d 'corp_activity=string' \
-d 'corp_tva=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_line_1=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_line_2=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_zip=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_city=string' \
-d 'corp_addr_cc=string'

You can order an Anytime MasterCard® card, a virtual card, a contactless MasterCard® chip, etc.

curl "" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'acc_id=integer' \
-d 'card_name=string' \
-d 'expiry_date=string' \
-d 'language=string' \
-d 'delivery_company_name=string' \
-d 'delivery_gender=string' \
-d 'delivery_first_name=string' \
-d 'delivery_last_name=string' \
-d 'delivery_addr_1=string' \
-d 'delivery_addr_2=string' \
-d 'delivery_zip=string' \
-d 'delivery_city=string' \
-d 'delivery_country_code=string'

The PIN code is delivered via a secure link intended only for the card holder.

curl "{card_ref}/pin" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'

You can instantly transfer funds from the master account towards a card.

curl "{card_ref}/credit" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'amount=number' \
-d 'acc_comment=string' \
-d 'card_comment=string'

You can access the transactions of an account or a card.

curl -G "{id}/statements" \
-X GET \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'date_start=string' \
-d 'date_end=string'

As a Fintech, we supply much more than banking services. We offer value-added services allowing your business to develop rapidly. Should your business require a customer to be identified (KYC/AML-compliant), we offer various identification solutions, including ID capture and verification through sanction lists (OFAC, PEP, Interpol etc.)

curl "{id}/kyc" \
-X POST \ -H 'Authorization: {YOUR_TOKEN}' \
-H 'X-Signed-Request: {YOUR_SIGNED_REQUEST}'
-d 'user_selfie=file' \
-d 'user_identity=file' \
-d 'user_identity_back=file' \
-d 'user_dom_1=file' \
-d 'user_identity_host=file' \
-d 'user_identity_back_host=file' \
-d 'user_dom_host=file' \
-d 'user_affidavit=file' \
-d 'corp_status=file' \
-d 'corp_kbis=file'
Anytime Cash Management Solution
to optimise your incoming cashflow

Reconcile your transfers more effectively by combining dynamic ibans.

Virtual Account Management
  • The use of a virtual account system brings you a cash management and cash flow reconciliation solution.
  • Virtual IBANs linked to accounts allow you to efficiently manage banking flows

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3 ways you can pay using a bank card

Online payments

Integrate a payment button to include on your website. No need for distance selling contracts, the solution is immediately operational

At a point of sale

Accept payments made using a Visa, Vpay, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express* bank card.

(*) American Express is only available in France

By email and SMS

Your customer receives an SMS or an email with a link that allows them to pay you via bank card or by bank transfer

Automate a banking information feed with your accounts

Account flows and card transactions are automatically fed into the software you use

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Put together the account for you.
Choose the services you need.

Credit 2017

Offered by our banking partners or crowdfunding platforms

National and international money transfers Live

Pay or send money to relatives anywhere in the world (EUR, USD, YUAN, GBP etc.)

Factoring Live

Sell your invoices and obtain cash flow

Cheque Live

Deposit cheques in your name (only for Premium-customers)

Payroll and employee management 2017

Register management of payslips and payment encoding

Make and receive refunds Live

Via a bank account, via an Anytime account. A simple mobile number is all you need! No need to be an Anytime customer

Limit of the MasterCard card Live

Set spending and withdrawal limits

Open an account in 5 minutes, 100% digital


Fill in your first name, surname and mobile number

Identity card

Use your Smartphone to take a photo of your ID.

Bank details for your account

Get the bank details for your private or corporate account and receive your card

Financial tools

Enjoy free services: payment terminal, link and payment button, factoring, international transfers etc.

Open your Anytime account

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